This self-directive Bible study is a certificate program especially designed for Bible learners that  want Spiritual growth and desire to enhance their walk with the Lord through online instruction.

Courses for this certificate program will be offered upon teacher availability 

Courses for this certificate program are transferrable to other TLFSBS diploma and certificate programs

Mid-Term, Final Exams, Posts Responses, Quizzes and Term Paper are not required for this certificate program

Upon completion, the student will be recognized and eligible to participate in the TLFSBS graduation and award ceremonies.  Awards are as follows

IRON METALS AWARD= 10 or more Online Courses

BRASS METALS AWARD = 15 or more Online Courses

COPPER METAL AWARD = 20 or more Online Courses

SILVER METAL AWARD= 30 or more Online Courses

GOLD METAL AWARD= 40 or more Online Courses

PLATINUM METAL AWARD= 50 or more Online Courses