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This introductory course focuses on the basic doctrines, tenets and ordinances of the Christian faith.  Students will gain insight into areas of study such as, sin and assurance of salvation, prayer and fasting, Holy Communion, water baptism, and the anointing and end-time prophecy. 

Old Testament Survey, Part 2 (Job - Malachi) (ETA)  -  The message of the books of poetry and prophecy give insight into God's dealing with His people.  This course relates the great writing of the prophets' message to us today.  

This course is a basic English program with writing assignments to compliment the English learning.

All assignments are turned in from Thursday to Thursday via internet upload through this forum (Moodle). If you run into a problem and can not turn in your assignment, then please do the following:

  1. Contact the instructor before the assignment is due.
  2. Contact the instructor before the assignment is due.
  3. Contact the instructor beofre the assignment is due.

Dropping out of class will result in a failing grade if you do not contact the Administration Office and fill out the proper paperwork. Disappearing will not help the situation and hoping it will just go away.

I look forward to facilitating this class with you .

God bless and be well,

Mrs. Linda D. Mingo